Christmas Cropping Seed Potatoes

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Christmas Cropping Seed Potatoes – Choose your variety

These seed potatoes have been kept in cold storage since being harvested late 2021. This ensures they are in top condition for planting late in the season to provide a lovely crop of fresh potatoes in time for Christmas!

Select your variety, and the desired weight/number of tubers and we will dispatch asap.


Growing for Christmas crop is as simple as growing a normal crop of potatoes. Water during dry spells, and protect from frost.

A nice dose of manure or fertiliser to feed the soil will be a help, especially if you are planting as a succession crop in soil that has already produced some veg earlier in the year.

Try our 100% Organic DUO fertiliser. It is a Seaweed/Chicken manure blend that increases the productivity of the soil by increasing soil organic matter, promoting earthworm and microbe activity, and improving soil structure.

Don’t forget to treat for prevention of blight! CURA liquid will keep you right 🙂


RHS website has a very good guide for Christmas Potatoes, click here.




Please don’t hesitate to contact Alex if you have any questions.

All our potatoes are held in cold storage. You will not find better quality potatoes anywhere else.
Certified IRISH and SCOTTISH Seed Potatoes, unless otherwise stated!

More than 50 varieties available, we can post as many tubers as you need. Likewise, please get in touch if you require a larger quantity than on the website.

Grow yourself some genuine IRISH potatoes, great taste, great quality.

Patch are specialists in all things potato. Our clients receive only the highest quality seed potatoes. Order with confidence.

Wherever possible, patch will group deliveries together.

Before packing, a visual check is completed on all our items. Therefore, please advise us immediately you receive a damaged item.

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Weight 1.5 kg

Celebration, Lily Rose, Maris Peer, Markies, Rosegarden, Nicola, Charlotte, Vitabella, Belle De Fontenay, La Ratte, Pink Fir Apple, Duke of York, Organic Alouette, Organic Carolus

Pack Size

10 Tubers, 20 Tubers, 2Kg Pack