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Coco Coir Bricks with JUST GROW DUO Organic Fertiliser
A 5 pack of 100% coconut coir bricks (650g per brick) transported pressed and dried saving weight and space. When water is added it swells to roughly 5 times the original volume. Each brick makes up to 10L of potting substrate with organic fertiliser for plants to continue to grow after germination.

  • Place in a large bucket or on a tray.
  • Slowly add about 3 litres of water (per brick).
  • Leave it sit until the water is absorbed, about 30-60 minutes, adding more water if clumps remain.
  • Mix through the provided fertiliser (100g per brick).

100% NATURAL COIR COMPOST SUBSTRATE – Organic coir compost made from sustainable eco-friendly coconut coir. Environmentally friendly growing media, reptile bedding, and tortoise substrate. Coco Grow is ideal for the environmentally friendly gardener, suitable for vegans.

IDEAL FOR: Seed compost Soil for plants indoors Germinating and cuttings Improved root growth Improving soil quality

PEAT FREE SOIL IMPROVER – Organic coir compost provides excellent soil structure when dug into beds and borders. Enhancing aeration and improved water retention, it is also long lasting and reusable. Better results. Better for earth.

EASY TO USE – Lightweight, compact and even easier to store and use in a pack of 6 individual blocks. Ideal for flats and smaller households. Each 650g compact coir block makes an impressive 10L compost. No lifting heavy bags of compost again! Simply add water to expand and use what you need and when.

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