Irish Moss Peat Soil Conditioner – CHOOSE BAG SIZE 10, 20, 50 or 100Litres

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Irish Moss Peat – produced from high quality sphagnum moss peat.

  • PREMIUM IRISH MOSS PEAT – This 100-litre bag contains pure Irish moss peat. Sourced from regions of non-scientific interest in Ireland, ensuring ethical and sustainable harvesting practices.
  • EXCELLENT MOISTURE RETENTION – Our moss peat has exceptional water-holding properties, ensuring your plants stay well-hydrated, especially during dry spells.
  • ENHANCED SOIL STRUCTURE – Incorporating this peat into your soil improves its structure. Promoting better aeration and drainage, which is crucial for healthy plant growth.
  • IDEAL FOR ACIDIC SOIL-LOVING PLANTS – Irish moss peat is known for its naturally low pH, making it perfect for plants that thrive in acidic soil conditions, including azaleas, rhododendrons, and blueberries.
  • PERFECT FOR CARNIVOROUS PLANTS – This moss peat is a favored substrate for carnivorous plants like Venus flytraps, pitcher plants, and sundews, providing the moisture and acidity they need to flourish.

Forkers Irish Moss Peat is produced from high quality sphagnum moss peat. It is a completely natural product, free from any additives, and is suitable for use with all plants, trees and shrubs. Improves the condition of soil, can be used for mulching. Get the ideal structure for seed beds or to plant healthier trees, shrubs and grass. Thoroughly moisten before use, except when soil is already wet. Improves soil condition & structure Ideal for seed beds Produces healthier plants, beds & lawns. High quality sphagnum moss peat


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100 Litre Bag, 50 Litre Bag, 20 Litre Bag, 10 Litre Bag

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Use on all your plants, fruit and veg, to produce healthy looking dark green foliage, more intense flower colours, and bolder crops.

Use on all flowers, fruit, vegatables, trees & shrubs, houseplants etc.

This unique combination of specially formulated ingredients of fertiliser will help produce superb quality plants & crops.

Can also be used on indoor house plants, tubs, and hanging baskets.

Regular use will help improve resistance to pests & diseases.

Use early as a root drench & later as a stimulant to ensure maximum nutrient uptake.