BOLD Potato Fertiliser 1Kg, 5Kg or 10 Kg Bag

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Just Grow – BOLD Potato Fertiliser

Granular potato feed specially formulated with essential nutrients to provide healthy bold crops of potatoes. Slow release formula provides support throughout the season, when your potatoes need it the most.

10KG BAG Granular Feed. 7-14-20  2-3 mm

Carefully balanced nutrients for bumper potato crops. Also recommended for other vegetable crops. Provides slow release of nutrients.

Nitrogen 7% – balanced to prevent too much energy going to plant tops instead of tubers.
Phosphate 14% – gives great tuber numbers.
Potash 20% – keeps tubers bulking throughout the season.

1KG should cover at least 10m2 area.



Just Grow fertilisers have been specially formulated for PatchSeedPotatoes. Furthermore, they contain only the highest quality nutrients to improve your garden.

Additional information

Weight 10 kg

1 Kg, 5 Kg, 10 Kg

Product Info

Use on all your plants, fruit and veg, to produce healthy looking dark green foliage, more intense flower colours, and bolder crops.

Use on all flowers, fruit, vegatables, trees & shrubs, houseplants etc.

This unique combination of specially formulated ingredients of fertiliser will help produce superb quality plants & crops.

Can also be used on indoor house plants, tubs, and hanging baskets.

Regular use will help improve resistance to pests & diseases.

Use early as a root drench & later as a stimulant to ensure maximum nutrient uptake.