Bee Hotel with Organic Flower Seeds – Grow Kit made from FSC Wood…



Bee Hotel with Organic Flowers

Introducing our new range of beautiful handcrafted garden gifts!

Attract bees and butterflies to your very own flower garden and bee hotel.

The carpenter exclusively uses FSC wood for the manufacture of these beautiful bee hotels with breeding compartment. In the cultivation section you will find a bag of cultivation soil in which organic-fertiliser has been mixed. And of course you will find a bag of Organic seeds for the pre-cultivation of compact organic sunflowers, beautiful organic lavender or deliciously scented organic lathyrus. When the plants grow bigger they can be transplanted to larger pots. Helps the beneficial insects in everyone’s environment!

In the bee hotel, many kinds of solitary bees find great shelter to collect pollen and lay eggs in. The reed tubes stay nicely dry under the roof. In addition, the hotel includes a separate compartment with soil and seed for growing organic nectar-floers. There are 3 varieties all with Organic Seeds!

Choose your bee hotel with organic flowers – sunflower, lavender or lathyrus!

Give your bee hotel a warm sunny spot in the garden or balcony (bee hotels in the shade or facing norther are not used!). Pour the soil into the growing compartment and sow the seeds in the tp layer. Keep moist and young plants will grow in about 10-14 days. If the plants are 5-10cm high, they can be transplanted in pots or larger planters.


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Dimensions 19 × 17 × 9 cm

Sunflower, Lavender, Lathyrus


19cm x 17cm x 9cm