O’Neills DRY Complete Dog Food 15kg – MUESLI



O’Neills DRY Complete Dog Food 15kg – MUESLI
  • DRY Complete Dog Food -15KG bag
  • Blended Specially for Sporting and Working Dogs, suitable for all pets
  • Premium Dog Food, Rich in Protein and Oils
  • With Minerals and Vitamins vital for a HEALTHY DOG!

MADE WITH LOVE IN IRELAND O’Neills Dog Food Est. 1988 O’Neills Dog Food has been a family run business since 1988 and has had three generations of O’Neills working in the business. With over 30 years experience in dog food manufacturing we have an extensive knowledge in dog food nutrition and use only the best ingredients. We have a wide range of products to cater for all dogs, from greyhounds,working dogs and all sizes of cherished pets. With an ever growing customer base throughout Ireland and the UK our dog foods quality and prices have proven us to be the right choice. O’Neills DRY Complete Dog Food 15kg – MUESLI – Blended Specially for Sporting and Working Dogs 15KG bag



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Weight 15 kg


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Use on all your plants, fruit and veg, to produce healthy looking dark green foliage, more intense flower colours, and bolder crops.

Use on all flowers, fruit, vegatables, trees & shrubs, houseplants etc.

This unique combination of specially formulated ingredients of fertiliser will help produce superb quality plants & crops.

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