Bird Farm with Flower Seeds, mini garden!



Bird Farm with Flower Seeds, mini garden!

Introducing our new range of beautiful handcrafted garden gifts!

Attract birds to your very own flower garden and bird farm!

We have noticed a growing interest from consumers in recent years in everything related to the feeding of outdoor birds. How nice is it to grow plants on your patio or balcony that provide outdoor birds with food. The young plant likes to grow sheltered in the special germination soil in the planting compartment under the birdhouse. When they get bigger they can be transplanted into pots or window boxes. Take good care of them and your patio will be frequented by many different types of birds. Not only fun but also good for the bio diversity!


Choose your bird farm with organic flowers – Mini or Mexican Sunflowers, Vicia, Ground Ivy!

These bird farms contain special breeding soil and a bag of seeds. The whole forms a ready-made mini garden.

Step 1 – Put the soil in the Bird Farm and sow 4-5 seeds, a few millimeters deep in the soil.

Step 2 – Moisten with a plant sprayer and cover with kitchen film for the first days until the seeds germinate.

Step 3– Provide a light warm spot, not full sun (ideal temp >20*C) Always keep the soil moderately moist. After 3-4 weeks, choose a plant to continue growing in the bird farm, you can transplant the rest elsewhere!

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Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 12 × 14 × 28 cm

Mini Sunflower, Mexican Sunflower, Vicia, Ground Ivy