‘Just Grow’ SEAWEED Concentrate 100% Organic Biostimulant Liquid Fertiliser 10 Litres


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Just Grow – SEAWEED CONCENTRATE 100% Organic Biostimulant Liquid Plant Feed – 10 Litres

100% Natural organic liquid biostimulant. Excellent for healthy growth, providing amino acids and plant nutrients. Including nitrogen, potassium, phosphate and magnesium.
Biostimulant provides a fully organic solution to plant health. Increased Amino acids – the building blocks of protein, helps to relieve plant stress and likewise promotes strong healthy growth.

4% Concentrate – one of the highest concentrates on the market!
Application rate > 10ml per 5Litres of water

Seaweed fertilisers are packed with organic macronutrients and also trace elements, as well as growth promoters and amino acids. The balanced natural plant hormones in Vel-sea extract can also stimulate germination and plant establishment.


Just Grow fertilisers – specially formulated for PatchSeedPotatoes. Furthermore, they contain only the highest quality nutrients to improve your garden.

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Used for millennia to improve soil fertility and crop production. Containing a host of plant active substances and nutrients, they are now recognised for their benefits as a biostimulant (a broad
term for substances that benefit the plant in a manner not attributable to their nutrient content alone). Seaweed extracts are particularly important for helping turf deal with periods of stress. Whether from drought, heat, salinity or periods of high traffic. Vel-sea stimulates the plant’s own response mechanisms to stress. This helps it to mop-up damaging antioxidants and continue growing to protect itself at times when it might otherwise respond with dormancy and suffer cell damage.

This why it is important to apply extract before the stress occurs, providing the turf with the ability to protect itself.  The balanced natural plant hormones in Vel-sea seaweed extract can also stimulate germination and plant establishment, while other compounds can act as chelators for nutrients and stimulate the beneficial microorganisms in the soil, with positive impacts on nutrient availability, water retention and aeration. Vel-sea seaweed liquid extract is packed full of 17 amino acids, plant growth hormones, carbohydrates and trace elements. I t can be applied as a foliar or soil application to provide rapid benefits to the turf.