Carrot: Amsterdam 2 Seed


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800 Organic Carrot Amsterdam 2 Seeds [approx]

Name: Carrot: Amsterdam 2

Latin Name: Daucus carota sativus

Description: Amsterdam 2 carrot is an attractive, slender, cylindrical bunching carrot with a delicious flavour. It is a fast growing variety of carrot. They can be started in a greenhouse as early as February.

Germination Rate: 86%

Seed Origin: Netherlands

Sowing: March to August

Harvesting: June to November

How To Grow Amsterdam Carrot From Seed: Amsterdam 2 carrots are fast growing and have great flavour. They can be started in a greenhouse as early as February.

Spread the seed evenly and thinly into shallow drills. Cover the seed with about 5cm of fine soil. When the seedlings start to grow, thin them to leave a space of about 5cm between each plant. Try and keep in between the plants free from weeds. Should be ready for harvesting after 12 to 16 weeks.

Before sowing, it is best to work the soil you are going to sow your carrots in and make it as fine as possible to a good depth. As carrots grow downwards, if the soil is fine, they will tend to grow long and straight.

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