Chilli Pepper Growing Kit – Recycled Bags, Hot Peppers!



Chilli Pepper Growing Kit – Recycled Bags, Hot Peppers!

Introducing our new range of beautiful handcrafted garden gifts!

Through our relationship with India, where the Baza-RAGS grow bags are produced, we come into contact with the world cuisine. An enormous variety of peppers are grown in Asia, but also in South America. There is a lot of variety in color, taste and “Scoville” value (this indicates the spiciness or heat). This “Pepperclub” collection is a nice selection of the many varieties that nature offers, in various colors and flavors. Nice and easy to grow on a sheltered balcony, patio or windowsill! A tasteful, natural gift!


Choose your own pepper variety, from lowest** to highest heat*****!!

Jalapeno Grande – These little blunt-pointed Mexican peppers are famous. They will grow well in our climate, in a sheltered and warm place in the garden, indoors, or in the greenhouse. Pepper Power 2**

Hungarian Yellow Wax Hot – One of the greatest Chillis! Ripens from green to yellow and finally red. Hungarian shape: quite broad and quite elongated. Pepper Power 3***

Habanero Orange – The favourite chilli pepper for the Caribbean and about 15-20 times hotter than a Jalepeno. Sharpness 5+ based on the Scoville Heat Units scale. Pepper Power 4****

Hot Chocolate Habanero – The habanero is the most famous pepper variety in the world, and one of the hottest! Not many chillies can be found hotter than the Habanero Chocolate, over 50 times hotter than a Jalapeno! Pepper Power 5*****


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Weight 0.75 kg
Dimensions 13 × 13 × 20 cm
Pepper Variety

Hungarian Yellow, Jalapeno, Habanero Orange, Hot Chocolate