ENRICH Liquid Organic Fertiliser – Biostimulant 1 LITRE



Awarded Best Organic Veg Growing Product 2019!!

Just Grow – ENRICH 100% Organic Fertiliser Biostimulant   1 Litre Concentrated Liquid

Liquid Onyx biostimulant provides a fully organic solution to plant health. Due to increased Amino acids (the building blocks of protein) it helps to relieve plant stress and also promote strong healthy growth. Onyx liquid is an organic biostimulant fertiliser. A rich black liquid, made from plant-based materials.

Onyx is a very powerful product and it is designed for professional use. This is also a concentrated product which contains around 100 applications per litre, so it will last a long time!

Concentrated Liquid multipurpose feed ideal for flowers, fruit and likewise vegetables. Containing a high concentrate of organic nutrients and plant food, it is therefore excellent for promoting strong healthy growth.

Application rate –> 10ml per 5 Litres of water
NPK ratio: 5.3-0.2-2.5
Just Grow fertilisers have been specially formulated for PatchSeedPotatoes. Furthermore, they contain only the highest quality nutrients to improve your garden.

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1 Litre, 10 Litres

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Onyx liquid is an organic biostimulant fertiliser. A rich black liquid, made from plant-based materials. Onyx provides high levels of amino acids, plus nitrogen and potassium as well as phosphorous, trace elements and carbohydrates. Onyx provides not only the nutrition for growth and root development, but also provides a biostimulant effect to encourage germination, establishment and resistance to environmental stress factors. Packed with a natural cocktail of biostimulant substances it boosts the plants ability to cope with stressful conditions including drought, heat and salinity. Under stressful conditions the plant’s stress response mechanisms can become overwhelmed, leading to dormancy and damage. The biostimulant effect can encourage the plant to keep growing and stimulates the natural stress response, keeping the sward greener and healthier for longer. Frequent, small applications are recommended, helping develop a strong root system and ecosystem in the rhizosphere and keeping the plants fighting fit ahead of any periods of stressful conditions. The carbohydrates and organic substances in Onyx can also stimulate beneficial micro-organisms in the soil generating further benefits for soil structure and nutrient availability.
Onyx can be applied all year round to boost plant health and condition ahead of stressful periods.