Parsnip: Tender & True Seed


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300 Tender and True Parsnip Seeds [approx]

Name: Parsnip: Tender & True

Latin Name: Pastinaca sativa

Description: Tender and True Parsnip is easy to grow. It can withstand quite a bit of frost. The parsnips look a little like winter carrots both in terms of size and appearance, although they are a little less sweet compared to winter carrots.

Germination Rate: 95%

Seed Origin: Netherlands

Sowing: March to May

Harvesting: October to March

How To Grow Parsnip From Seed: Sow parsnip seed directly outside in drills that are 35cm apart. Having the ground you are planting them in well worked and loose will help your parsnips grow straight downwards. Parsnip seed germination can be erratic, to allow for this, sow a few seeds evenly every 15cm. When they germinate, thin them to leave the strongest seedling every 15cm. 

Harvesting can start in Autumn, but waiting until the first frost is thought to improve their flavour. Parsnips can stay in the ground over winter.


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About our Organic Irish Vegetable Seeds

We are passionate about providing high quality organic and open-pollinated seed to all of our customers. The term, open-pollinated seed means, seed that comes from plants where pollination has happened naturally.

Benefits of using open-pollinated seed: These seeds have been around much longer than F1 hybrid or genetically modified seed, therefore they evolve with our environment. The plants they produce are much more genetically diverse and therefore will have a much higher benefit to pollinators such as bees and butterflies.

Furthermore, using open-pollinated seed means you can produce the same plant the following season from saved seed.

This is not always the case with F1 hybrid and genetically modified seed.

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