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275 Organic Stuttgart Onion Seeds [approx]

Name: Onion: Stuttgart

Latin Name: Allium cepa

Description: Stuttgarter onion is a favourite onion variety of home growers. It produces medium to large round yellow onions. It is a favourite due to its great taste, and its storage capabilities. After harvesting in late Summer/Autumn, Onion Stuttgart can be stored until the following Spring. This variety is also commonly called Stuttgarter Riesen, or Giant Stuttgart.

Germination Rate: 92%

Seed Origin: Italy

Sowing: February to April

Harvesting: August to October

How To Grow Stuttgarter Onion From Seed: Prepare shallow drills to sow your onion seed directly into. Leave a spacing of 30cm between the drills. Sow the seeds thinly, and cover lightly with soil. When the seedlings establish to roughly 5cm in height, thin them to leave the strongest plant every 10cm. The thinned seedlings can be grown somewhere else for Spring onions if desired.

When the leaves start to die off in late Summer/Autumn, your onions should be harvested for storage. Let the harvested onions dry out in the sun, or another alternative way for a few days before storing them. Stuttgart onion stores very well, they should last until the following Spring in a cool and dry place.


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About our Organic Irish Vegetable Seeds

We are passionate about providing high quality organic and open-pollinated seed to all of our customers. The term, open-pollinated seed means, seed that comes from plants where pollination has happened naturally.

Benefits of using open-pollinated seed: These seeds have been around much longer than F1 hybrid or genetically modified seed, therefore they evolve with our environment. The plants they produce are much more genetically diverse and therefore will have a much higher benefit to pollinators such as bees and butterflies.

Furthermore, using open-pollinated seed means you can produce the same plant the following season from saved seed.

This is not always the case with F1 hybrid and genetically modified seed.

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