Red Biztro Shallot Sets – 500g Pack


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Red Biztro is a relatively new shallot variety in the early segment and is originally from the Netherlands. Compared to other red shallot varieties, Biztro excels in all aspects. The variety produces very consistent, round shallots with very strong and beautiful red/brown coloured skin. The internal colour is pale red.

Did you know the shallot Biztro has a high resistance to bolting? That’s a good reason to choose this spicy flavoured shallot.

Biztro is also referred to as the improved Red Sun. In addition, this variety can be grown on any soil type and is suitable for long-term storage. Plant the bulbs somewhere between February and April and harvest in the late spring or early summer. Approx 10-15 per half kilo.

This shallot has a mild flavour and is therefore ideal for pickling and the fresh market. It is a healthy onion with many good nutrients.

Spring planting.



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