Spring Onion: White Lisbon Seed


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275 Organic White Lisbon Spring Onion Seeds [approx]

Name: Spring Onion: White Lisbon

Latin Name: Allium cepa

Description: White Lisbon is a highly reliable, old variety of Spring Onion. It has a long white shaft and light green leaves. It forms a 2-3cm diameter bulb. The directions below are for direct sowing in the garden, but Spring Onions will also do very well in pots or containers. The same instructions apply.

Germination Rate: 90%

Seed Origin: Italy

Sowing: February to September

Harvesting: May to November

How To Grow White Lisbon Spring Onion From Seed: Sow the seeds evenly in shallow drills that are 25cm apart. White Lisbon does not require much space between plants, keeping them close makes sure they stay small and fine. If you are careful when scattering the seeds, and scatter them thinly, you can avoid thinning the seedlings later when they become established. 

White Lisbon will be fully mature after 8 to 10 weeks. It will soon grow to be 40-50cm in height and produce a 2-3cm bulb.

Sow the seeds successionally throughout the growing season to keep a consistent supply of Spring Onions.

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About our Organic Irish Vegetable Seeds

We are passionate about providing high quality organic and open-pollinated seed to all of our customers. The term, open-pollinated seed means, seed that comes from plants where pollination has happened naturally.

Benefits of using open-pollinated seed: These seeds have been around much longer than F1 hybrid or genetically modified seed, therefore they evolve with our environment. The plants they produce are much more genetically diverse and therefore will have a much higher benefit to pollinators such as bees and butterflies.

Furthermore, using open-pollinated seed means you can produce the same plant the following season from saved seed.

This is not always the case with F1 hybrid and genetically modified seed.

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