CURA – Organic Blight Treatment – 1Litre



Just Grow – Cura (1 Litre)

Immunity booster for herbaceous plants 100% natural product of vegetable origin

• Preventative treatment for blight and other
fungal diseases (leaf spot, powdery mildew,
black spot, rust)
• Strengthens and stimulates plants, making
them less susceptible to pests and diseases
• 100% natural product of vegetable origin
• 100% Organic, safe to humans, animals
and environment
• Cura supports the natural regenerative
process, nuturing, nourishing and enhancing
the plants while also protecting
• Water based, highly concentrated


COMPOSITION: A highly concentrated water based liquid,
made using specific herbal concentrates. Herfomyc liquid
is produced in Holland for horticulture and agriculture
UPTAKE: The liquid is absorbed through the leaves of the
plant and the soil. Enhancing the plant and stimulating
the roots, the special combination of ingredients allow
the plants to develop and increased immunity and vitality
RATE: Dilute 100ml Cura (Herfomyc) liquid into 5 Litres of water.
APPLICATION: Cura is best used as a preventative. Effective
especially when there exists a history of fungal disease.
Treatment after detection of damage or disease can still be
Best results when applied during dry overcast conditions without
direct sunshine. This is important for optimal uptake efficiency.
Use watering can or spray application directly to the plant and
soil surrounding. Repeat application may be necessary after 14
days, especially in hot humid conditions which can be conducive
to blight and other fungal diseases.


WARNING: Can cause eye irritation. Harmful if swallowed.
Wear protective clothing,
eye protection or face protection.
IF IN EYES: Rinse cautiously with
water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses, if present and
easy to
do so. If eye irritation persists:
Get medical advice/attention.

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