Bespoke Seed Potato Pack – Less Waste!

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Bespoke Seed Potato Pack – Less Waste!


A lot of customers each year ask us for small numbers, or exact numbers of seed potatoes.

Maybe you want to try a new variety, but don’t need 10? Maybe you want to have lots of varieties, but only a few plants of each?

Now you can order exactly the number you require! You get a bespoke seed potato pack – less waste!


For example, if you have room in your garden patch for 16 seed potatoes. you can order 4 of one variety, 5 of another, and 7 of a third variety – choose as many as you like!

These will all be hand picked, quality seed potatoes, zero waste!


Just select the pack size (between 4 and 9) and the variety, and add it to your basket. Please note – one variety per pack!!

Repeat for each variety you wish to purchase.



BIM | Duke Of York | Francis | Home Guard | Maris Bard | Premiere | Solist | British Queen | Organic Carolus | Celebration | Charlotte | Lily Rose | Lucera | Nicola | Purple Rain | Organic Vitabella | Organic Alouette | Arran Victory | Cara | Damask | Desiree | Foxton | Golden Wonder | Kerr’s Pink | King Edward | Maris Piper | Markies | Navan | Pentland Dell | Record | Rosegarden | Sarpo Mira




Please don’t hesitate to contact Alex if you have any questions.

Potatoes held in cold storage. You will not find better quality potatoes anywhere else.
Certified IRISH and SCOTTISH Seed Potatoes, unless otherwise stated!

Many varieties available, we can post as many tubers as you need. Likewise, please get in touch if you require a larger quantity than on the website.

Grow yourself some genuine IRISH potatoes, great taste, great quality.

Patch are specialists in all things potato. Our clients receive only the highest quality seed potatoes. Order with confidence.

Wherever possible, patch will group deliveries together.

Before packing, visual checks completed on all items. Therefore, please advise us immediately you receive a damaged item.


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Number of Tubers

4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9


Belle de Fontenay, BIM (Vitanoire), Celebration, Charlotte, Duke of York, Foxton, Irish Gold, Lily Rose, Maris Peer, Navan, Nicola, Sherman, Vitabella